The new high-tech ®evolutionputter from 3D

For the first time, a putter that can be fitted in three dimensions

The innovative 3D putter ®evolution is essential for the player who understands that he can improve his handicap by deploying the optimal equipment on the greens. Affording a never-before-seen range of customised fitting options, the 3D putter ®evolution can be fully tailored to every golfer’s personal putting stroke.

This unique putter is the fruit of a collaboration between putting experts and a team of selected golf professionals, who brought their unique insights into the challenges of putting under a wide range of real-life conditions. Optimised to improve virtually every aspect of the putting stroke, this remarkable new golf club is the result of months of research and development and of a broad consultative process involving a whole raft of experts.

Naturally, producer offers the 3d putter ®evolution in both left- and right-handed models.

approved by the rules of golf – R&A St.Andrews


The 3D putter ®evolution is the creation of a development team led by Gottfried Hofstaedter and Dr. Gerhard Zimmermann. Both designers have won multiple international titles and are certified trainers who have accompanied national teams around the world. Collaborating with some of the world’s leading mini-golf players, as well as experienced golf teaching pros and players, the (r)evolution has been carefully adapted to the golfer’s needs and to the realities of the modern golf green.


Changeable inserts always guarantee the right touch; the individually selected club head weight provides the ideal balance, depending on the putt technique and preference, and the adjustable lie adapts flexibly to the player’s response position and putt technique.


The 3D Putter®evolution is fitted with the help of the tool in the supplied 3D Toolbox. It contains 5 weights, a removable insert, replacement screws and a 3D-branded Torx screwdriver.

Shaft Lengths

A club-length of 35” is defined as standard, measured along the back of the shaft from the uperend of the grip to the ground.
All other shaft lengths are available, ranging from 24” to 44”.


For example, it allows young players who are still growing to alter their shaft length at only minimal expense. Having acquired a new shaft, it’s extremely simple to exchange old for new. This means that the putter can accompany a player throughout the course of his or her career. Difficulties adjusting to a new club, with all the negative technical and psychological side-effects, become a thing of the past.

Further, the inserts can be exchanged in just a few easy steps. This innovation makes it possible to adjust the putter to fit your natural putting feel on a variety of different greens.