3D Putter®evolution-Inserts

For the right touch

Now you can choose the insert that perfectly matches your unique feel and putting stroke.

The moment of contact between the putter face and the ball is absolutely decisive for successful putting. Our range of inserts with their different degrees of firmness and optimised recoil elasticity form the technological heart of the 3D putter®evolution and can be switched in a matter of seconds.
Most important for perfect distance control is that the ball is made to roll as early as possible. Skidding or even bouncing frequently lead to the dreaded three-putt.
Our two inserts have been designed to get the ball rolling on track towards the hole from the very first. Owing to their fine surface structure, their different degrees of firmness and their acceleration torque, our inserts promise you distance control in a whole new dimension.

Super-Soft Insert – Black

ideal for players who move the putter head parallel to the ground towards the ball and who, at the moment of impact, are already elevating the putter away from the ground—i.e. players who “stroke” the ball.
This insert offers a very soft contact with the ball and even more grip. When used with the right putting technique, this gets the ball rolling sooner.

Regular Insert – White

ideal for players who move the putter down towards the ball from above, with the club moving towards the ground at the moment of impact.
This insert provides a firmer feel at contact. Players who have previously used metal putters will love this insert.